Penn State Takedown performance at the Southern Scuffle

The stats you’ll find in the chart are simple. We only need to record the following:

  • Number of total seconds wrestled in neutral
  • Number of takedowns acquired

With that information (thanks to FloWrestling), we can get a sense of takedown frequency in two ways.

Number of Takedowns Per 7 minutes in Neutral
(420 / # of match seconds in neutral)* # of takedowns

Basically, this is the amount of takedowns one might record in a typical 7 minute match if mat wrestling were eliminated and we let everyone up once the takedown was secured. I like this stat better than that of traditional takedowns per 7 minutes because it doesn’t punish those who wrestle more frequently on the mat.

Number of Neutral Seconds per Takedown
(# of match seconds in neutral / # number of takedowns)

Straight forward. Demonstrates how long one typically wrestles in neutral before securing a takedown.

PSU Scuffle Performance (Takedowns)
Wrestler Match Seconds in Neutral # of Takedowns Takedowns per 7 minutes in Neutral Neutral Seconds per Takedown
Retherford 313  (5:13) 12 16.102 26.08
Nolf 439 (7:19) 13 12.437 33.77
Rasheed 480 (8:00) 11 9.625 43.64
Nickal 634 (10:34) 13 8.612 48.77
Lee 787 (13:07) 16 8.539 48.19
Joseph 956 (15:56) 17 7.469 56.24
Hall 641 (10:41) 9 5.897 71.22
Cortez 332 (5:32) 4 5.060 83.00
Cassar 1125 (18:45) 11 4.107 102.27
Keener 1202 (20:02) 10 3.494 120.20
Schnupp 557  (9:17) 4 2.932 139.25
Nevills 1240 (20:40) 3 1.106 413.33
TOTAL 8706 (145:06) 123 5.934 70.78

Quick Notes:

  • Small sample size/relatively poor quality of competition for Schnupp and Cortez, thus their numbers aren’t as reliable as others. Obviously, Schnupp cannot sustain that type of takedown ability, but kudos for going out and nabbing 4 of his own in losing efforts.
  • Zain outpacing Nolf was a surprise, but there were only two instances where he had to work for takedown. Once against Morris in the 1st period, and again in the 1st period against Heil. Nolf, on the other hand, looked looked like he was practicing his counters against Fox and that ultimately hurt him. Also, having a 1st round match would have likely given him a boost.
  • Rasheed’s numbers demonstrate just how great of a tournament he had.
  • Mark was probably below his average. Tough semi and final matches
  • Nevills— Ouch.
  • I didn’t have anyone double check the numbers. I could have made a couple of errors along the way. Just take it for what it is worth.

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