Week 2 Headlines

Beam Me to My Back, Scotty

Kaid Brock brings a 7-3 lead to the transporter and comes out on his back to lose in embarrassingly late fashion against Lehigh’s Scotty Parker.

New Addition to the Jordan Family

Zahid Valencia ousts Jeff Jordan as family patriarch, serves up a hearty L for son, Bo Jordan.

Te’Shan Campbell is Mmmm Mmmm Good

With a 14-0 beat-down, Campbell makes soup out of tomato can, Anthony Valencia.

Château de Preisch

Lord Ryan Preisch put the “feud” in feudalism; Zach Zavatsky still peasantry status.  ZZ pays his dues in 4-2 SV loss.

Shields Activated

ASU’s Josh Shields proves impenetrable to 149-pound All-Americans with weekend victories over Alec Pantaleo and Micah Jordan.  Welcome to 157, my dudes.

Derek White Wears Fruit of the Loom

“Just wait ‘til we get our Haines on you” proves empty threat as Derek “Whitey-Tighty” leaves Thomas Haines skidding to a 9-0 loss.

Mr. Rogers Cancelled

Not quite a wonderful day in the neighborhood as David McFadden downs OSU’s Chandler Rogers, 4-3, with a takedown in the final seconds.

Yi-on-Deez Nuts Yet?

Yianni Diakomiholis throttles the Bearcat Open competition in a stellar debut for the Cornell true freshman.


Well it was fun while it lasted, but big flashy chains go the way of the dab as white coaches adopt a “Pin Chain” for Ohio State’s wrestling team.

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