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Week 2 Headlines

Beam Me to My Back, Scotty Kaid Brock brings a 7-3 lead to the transporter and comes out on his back to lose in embarrassingly late fashion against Lehigh’s Scotty Parker. New Addition to the Jordan Family Zahid Valencia ousts … Continue reading

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Wrestling Headlines from Last Weekend (11/4-11/5)

  Pull on this! Zahid whips out a victory in a 3-2 thriller over Hall. Yes, Massa’ Logan disenfranchises opponents at the Michigan State Open. (And yes, it’s ok to be insensitive to the brutal institution of American chattel slavery—that … Continue reading

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Breakdown of GOAT Steveson’s Dominance at the Daktronics Open

Well who couldn’t see this coming?  Young Gable Steveson, wrestling extraordinaire, dominates yet another tournament.  In what appears to be Steveson’s modus operandi, Gable sought out older competition by taking his talents to the Daktronics Open—making use of new rules … Continue reading

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